INFINITE’s L and Hoya, f(x)’s Krystal, and BESTie’s Haeryung Spotted at a Club in New Stills for “My Lovely Girl”

Some of the idol actors from SBS’ upcoming drama “My Lovely Girl” were shown at a club in brand new still cuts.

In the stills that were revealed on August 29, f(x)’s Krystal, INFINITE’s L and Hoya, as well as BESTie’s Haeryung, can be seen having a good time at a location that appears to be a nightclub.

Within the drama’s storyline, L and Hoya play the role of idol group members from an entertainment company called AnA. On the other hand, Krystal, who plays the character of Se Na, and Haeryung, who plays Ra Eum—both playing the role of actors in the drama—are together in the same place as L and Hoya.

Many people’s curiosity is rising as to why the four stars have gathered all at once in a club. Even more, these four idol members in real life and raising anticipating viewers’ expectations, as they are working hard to become rising ‘acting idols.’

Filming for this drama started up on August 15, and it also stars many other actors, such as Rain and Cha Ye Ryun.

Meanwhile, “My Lovely Girl” will begin airing on September 17, following the completion of SBS’ current Wednesday-Thursday drama “It’s Okay, It’s Love.”
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