Fly to the Sky to Release a Remake Album of Their Best Tracks

It has been revealed that Fly to the Sky will release a remake album Mid-September of this year.

The album will contain their most popular songs since their debut. It will be their first remake album in six years and five months, when they had released the album “Recollection” in April of 2008. It featured tracks such as “Truth in Wine” and “Snail” among others. This album will contain their own best tracks, such as “Although My Heart Aches” and “Like a Man,” all tracks liked by either the duo themselves or the fans.

In other news, Fly to the Sky will begin their national tour on September 13 and 14 in Seoul. Other locations include Jeonju (September 27), Ulsan (October 4), Seongnam (October 11), Changwon (October 19), and Gwangju (October 26). The new remake album is expected to have a synergistic effect with the national tour, and fans are anxiously anticipating what kinds of tracks would be included.

2014.08.29_ftts concert poster

Fly to the Sky came back with a strong album, “Continuum,” this past May and were able to take over multiple charts with the tracks on their album.

In regards to their upcoming tour, Fly to the Sky revealed, “We are doing are best to make an unforgettable experience for those who are attending our tour concerts, which would not have happened if it weren’t for the support of our fans. We will make a memory that you will be able to hold on for a long time.”

Anyone a fan of Fly to the Sky? What songs would you want to be included in the remake album?