[Video] KARA Brings It on AS4U!

This week on KBS’s “A Song For You,” resident MCs Kangin, Sungjae, and Amber were joined by a group that’s been missed for a while: KARA!

KARA has gone through a lot of changes in the past year, so it was refreshing to see them back as a group. They showed off their dancing, singing, and the body parts that they’re most proud of!

If seeing KARA on TV again isn’t enough of a reason to check out this week’s episode, here’s a quick overview of a few other reasons for you!

1. KARA’s new member Youngji!


Isn’t she adorable?

2. Sungjae’s ever-expanding ego.


His latest self-created nickname is “Sherlock Sungjae.” Also known as “stalker.”

3. Naming their new dance!


Boatman Dance, Rowing Dance, Shall We Run Dance – which do you prefer?

4. Seungyeon’s surprise phone call…


… with G.O.D’s Son Hoyoung! Who knew that KARA were huge G.O.D fans? It was all thanks to Kangin – making fangirl dreams come true since birth.

5. The best game.



The shake shake game!! Making the boys looks cute since 2014.

6. Performances!


They performed “Go Go Summer” – the first time it’s been performed in Korean – and “2NITE!”

7. The MCs learning the Cup Song!


Some are better than others….

So, get your KARA fix with AS4U now:

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