Jang Nara Takes Selcas with Her Older Brother, Proving That Their Baby Faces Run in the Family

Actress Jang Nara revealed some friendly photos with her older brother.

On August 29, Jang Nara wrote a short message on her Twitter saying, “Leaving with my older brother. My brother’s hand tremors are severe..” and she posted several pictures along with the message.

In the pictures, you can see Jang Nara and her brother making silly poses as they look into the camera. Jang Nara’s “baby-face looks” are turning heads, as she looks even younger after cutting her bangs.

Meanwhile, Jang Nara is playing the “nice girl” Kim Mi Young in the MBC drama “Fated To Love You,” in which she accidentally has a one-night stand with Lee Gun, a second-generation chaebol, and becomes pregnant. Due to the pregnancy, Lee Gun and Kim Mi Young go through with an unavoidable contract marriage and enter a turbulent life.