Hong Jin Young Reveals Her Impressive College Transcript on “We Got Married”

Singer Hong Jin Young‘s university transcript has been revealed on the recent episode of “We Got Married.” The scores were almost all A+ which surprised her virtual husband, actor Nam Goong Min.

At the sight of the transcript, he asked, “Was studying the only thing you did at that time? This is not humane. I only got Fs and Ds when I was in college.”

During the interview, Nam Goong Min said, “I don’t think I ever got a score above 3.0. Unfortunately I never got the chance to get all Fs because of the on D.”

During this episode, the couple enjoyed pretending to be a campus couple at the university that Hong Jin Young once attended. The couple traveled down to the singer’s hometown where they will be meeting her parents.

Check out the video clip below!

Nam Goong Min and Hong Jin Young on WGM