Uee Shows Independence on “Law of the Jungle,” Refuses Help from Royal Pirates’ James and Other Cast Members

The most recent episode of the variety program “Law of the Jungle” proved that After School’s Uee is an ‘iron wall’ when it comes to being independent.

On the August 29 broadcast of the eighth segment of SBS’ “Law of the Jungle’s” Indian Ocean Special, cameras followed Kim Byung Man and the rest of the cast members as they relocated themselves to the final survival destination, which was a small island on Mauritius.

The Kim Byung Man tribe was transferred by a small boat to the new location. However, the boat was unable to anchor itself close to the island due to the shallow depth of the water. For this reason, some of the members were carried by another member in order to get onto the island. Then, member Kang Ji Seob suggested that James (of Royal Pirates) should carry Uee. However, Uee expressed her refusal to receive help, saying, “I can do it. Don’t touch me, I will take care of myself.”

Meanwhile, “Law of the Jungle: Indian Ocean” airs on Friday nights at 10 PM (KST) on SBS.
law of the jungle

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