Tak Jae Hoon’s Wife Files Counteraction in Divorce Case

According to sources in the entertainment industry, singer Tak Jae Hoon’s wife “A” has filed a counteraction in their divorce dispute. A fierce legal battle over child custody and property division is expected to follow.

A countersuit is normally seen in divorce cases where the defendant (in this case “A”) feels that the plaintiff (Tak Jae Hoon) has made unfair allegations. The original case and the counteraction will probably be consolidated into one case.

Taek Jae Hoon was married in 2001 and filed for divorce from his wife this past May due to personality differences. He has a son and a daughter from his marriage. He suspended all professional activities last year after being sentenced to six months in prison and one year of probation for illegal gambling. On August 26 he released his digital single Part 1 “Blank” through various music sites.

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