Orange Caramel’s Lizzy Worries about Her Financial Future as an Idol

Orange Caramel and After School member Lizzy has been speaking about what she sees as the financial perils of being an idol group star.

The singer was appearing on MBC talk show “Quiz to Change the World,” along with fellow Orange Caramel members Nana and Raina, and spoke of how important it was for her to be conservative when it comes to spending money.

She explained, ” I don’t like wasting money. I am an idol, and in our industry, we have no real way of knowing when the money is going to stop coming in.”

Other participants in the show expressed their surprise at the fact that Lizzy, who debuted with After School in 2010, was already considering issues such as these.

Lizzy responded, “That is the nature of being an idol group member. We really have no idea when the work will dry up.”

Orange Caramel is currently enjoying the success of the group’s latest release, “My Copycat,” which dropped on August 17.