Song Ji Hyo and 2AM’s Seulong Reunited for “Running Man”

A new “couple” is set to appear on the latest episode of SBS show “Running Man.”

Pictures released by the network show that star Song Ji Hyo will be joined on the program by 2AM member Seulong. The two have previously acted together on KBS2 drama “The Fugitive of Joseon,” which aired last year. The images released show that the pair clearly enjoyed their reunion on “Running Man.”

Running Man

As part of the show, which will air on SBS at 6:10pm (Korean time) on August 31, Song Ji Hyo is sent to an amusement park to find her mystery partner. That partner eventually turns out to be the 2AM star. When they meet, they express delight.

Photos show that the pair then embark on something that almost resembles a date. They are shown wearing matching pink t-shirts, rabbit and mouse hairbands and enjoying ice cream at the theme park. One picture even shows the stars holding hands as they go on an adventure ride.

At one point, Song Ji Hyo adjusts Seulong’s hairband and then they pose for a photograph together.

A member of the production team explained, “They really work well together, and they know each other very well already. They get sent on a ‘horror’ mission, and their teamwork on that mission is outstanding, and will get a lot of attention.”