SBS Releases Character Posters for “Secret Door” Featuring Lee Je Hoon and Han Seok Kyu

SBS has released two promotional posters ahead of the start of the network’s forthcoming drama series “Secret Door.”

“Secret Door” tells the story of a clash between an authoritarian Joseon-era king and an idealistic prince.

The first poster shows the contrast between the characters played by actors Han Seok Kyu and Lee Je Hoon. In particular, Lee Je Hoon, who plays the role of the crown prince Lee Sun, seems to be exuding sadness, and the juxtaposition of the images already hints at the conflict between the two characters that appears to lie in store.

Secret Door2

A second poster features actresses Kim Yoo Jung and Park Eun Bin (who will play the role of Lee Je Hoon’s character’s wife), as well as co-stars Kim Min Jong and Choi Won Young.

A member of the production team said, “We are grateful for all the attention that ‘Secret Door’ has already received. We are doing our best to make an exciting story that will connect all the characters effectively.”

The drama is set to star airing on September 22 at 10 p.m.