Kim Ji Hoon Fulfills Promise to Dance EXO’s “Growl”

“Jang Bori Is Here” actor Kim Ji Hoon showed his utmost gratitude to the viewers of his show as he danced to EXO‘s “Growl” to fulfill his promise.

On the August 31 broadcast of MBC’s “Section TV Entertainment Relay,” Kim Ji Hoon showed how he fulfilled his promise to the viewers of MBC’s “Jang Bori Is Here” who gave the show a 30% viewership rating.

The actor made a promise during the production presentation of “Jang Bori Is Here” that if the viewership rating reaches 30%, he will dance to EXO’s “Growl” in front of a lot of people.

Kim Ji Hoon went together with actress Oh Yeon Seo, who plays Bori, and Kim Ji Young, who plays her on-screen daughter Bi Dan to Myeongdong and surprised everyone by performing in the middle of the street.

Dressed in a gray blazer and pants similar to what EXO wore, Kim Ji Hoon put on a cap and bust his powerful dance moves, showing how much effort he put into learning the dance to the popular song.

MBC’s “Jang Bori Is Here” airs every Saturday and Sunday, 8:40 p.m.(KST)

Check out Kim Ji Hoon’s “Growl” performance here!