Lee Dong Wook’s Sister Spills the Beans on the Actor’s Ex-Girlfriend

Lee Dong Wook’s sister revealed a few juicy information about his actor brother’s love life on the recent episode of SBS’ “Roommate.”

On the August 31 broadcast of the SBS variety show, Lee Dong Wook and Jo Se Ho were shown to have met with some of their family members.

Jo Se Ho asked Lee Dong Wook’s younger sister, “Have you seen your brother’s ex-girlfriend?” Lee Dong Wook’s sister replied, “I saw his (ex) girlfriend. I also ate with her,” raising the curiosity about the actor’s romantic affairs.

Jo Se Ho followed, “Around how many times?” Lee Dong Wook’s sister continued, “I also didn’t see her as a celebrity, I just saw her as my brother’s girlfriend,” putting Lee Dong Wook in a hot seat.

Jo Se Ho hinted, “singer girlfriend,” and tried to fish some more information and Lee Dong Wook’s sister added, “She wasn’t a singer at that time, though. She was pretty.”