Reggae Artist Skull Surprises Viewers with Pulled Back Hair on “Running Man”

Reggae artist Skull has revealed not only his variety show skills but also a different side of his looks at the recent episode of Running Man.”

On the August 31 broadcast of the hit SBS variety show, “Running Man,” Skull joined Haha in the “Number Race II – 1470” mission.

The two singers, who collaborated as the reggae duo “Skull & Haha” a few years ago, were challenged to keep the water in the glass they’re holding while riding a theme park ride that makes a complete 360 degree turn.

As the two singers got themselves ready for the ride, Skull surprised his partner Haha and the viewers with his tied hair. Skull, who has always sported corn rows that fits his style as a reggae artist, pulled back his hair and revealed an even better view of his face, surprising the viewers and for a brief moment, Haha.

“Everyone, this is the moment that we draw Skull’s famous curtain,” said Haha, as he joked about Skull’s hair. However, he wasn’t able to make fun of Skull for long because their challenge started shortly.

Check out Skull’s “big reveal” and how the two managed to keep the water in the cup while inside the ride!