G.NA and Girl’s Day Hyeri Cry in Panic While Training Inside Gas Chamber on “Real Men”

G.NA, Maeng Seung Ji, and Girl’s Day’s Hyeri had a difficult time while training in the army as female soldiers as shown in the recent special episode of “Real Men.”

On the August 31 episode of the Female Soldier Special of “Real Men,” the cast members including Kim So Yeon, Hong Eun Hee, Ra Mi Ran, Girl’s Day Hyeri, G.NA, Maeng Seung Ji, and Park Seung Hee went through a tough CBR (Chemical, Biological, and Radiological) training wherein they had to endure time in a gas chamber while wearing protective gear.

While some of the female celebrities displayed impressive willpower by completing the training inside the gas chamber, some of the other female soldiers weren’t able to endure as much as the others did.

In the first batch which included Hong Eun Hee, Ra Mi Ran, and G.NA, the older soldiers were able to show their great endurance skills while G.NA showed great discomfort and struggled to get out of the mask and the gas chamber early on the training period.

G.NA raised her hand and voiced out her concern to the commander saying that she could no longer endure being in the gas chamber with the mask on. “I’m sorry, I cannot bear this. My neck hurts. I’m sorry, please let me out,” G.NA said as she screamed in panic. However, she was told to keep in place and wasn’t allowed to go out despite her countless pleas. G.NA really struggled to go out and was crying out of desperation and fear.

In the batch of Girl’s Day’s Hyeri, Kim So Yeon, Maeng Seung Ji, and Park Seung Hee, the ladies were off to a good start as they successfully removed the part of the gas mask that their commander told them to remove. However, Maeng Seung Ji began to panic and Hyeri also showed discomfort without that part of the mask to help her breathe.

Both Hyeri and Maeng Seung Ji began forcing themselves out of the mask and the room and even tried their best to make their way out of the gas chamber because they couldn’t bear being inside the gas chamber anymore.

The CBR training is only one of the many training that the female soldiers have to endure while on “Real Men.” Find out more in the next episode of “Real Men” which airs every Sunday.

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