Shin Sung Woo Expresses Desire to Leave “Roommate”

Shin Sung Woo is the latest star to announce that he is to leave SBS reality show “Roommate.”

The singer explained his intention to quit the show through his official Twitter page on September 1. He said, “I want to leave the ‘Roommate’ family. I originally get involved with the program because I wanted to work with some younger stars and a different viewing audience, and also to fill and empty place in my heart. As the original members of the cast are now starting to leave, I feel that it is also time for me to make an exit.”

He continued, “I wanted to keep going with the original cast members. However, what I wanted and the reality of the current situation don’t match up. Please continue to send your love to the show! Working on ‘Roommate’ has made me very happy.”

Shin Sung Woo is the latest star to leave the show, following last week’s announcement that Song Ga Yeon would be saying farewell to the program.