g.o.d’s Son Ho Young Rumored to be Dating Rookie Singer Ami, Agency Denies

Earlier today, media outlet TV Report had reported that g.o.d’s Son Ho Young is currently in a relationship with a rookie singer named Ami, who is nine years his junior.

It was said that the two began with a close senior-junior relationship, before developing into a couple about four months ago. Son Ho Young and Ami first met as senior and junior, when they were both under the same agency. Furthermore, it has been reported that Son Ho Young found a lot of comfort and stability through his relationship with Ami during the difficult time he was going through last year, and Ami also received much support and advice from her music industry senior. Ami is currently under a different agency and is in the middle of preparing for a new album.

However, Son Ho Young’s reps revealed that the dating rumors are not true, despite the reports. On September 1, the g.o.d member’s agency official told X Sports News, “Son Ho Young and Ami are only close senior and junior.”

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