SPICA to Make Separate Comebacks as a Unit and a Solo

On September 1, SPICA’s management agency, B2M Entertainment, released images of SPICA minus its leader Boa. With the images they released the name, “SPICA.S,” announcing the group’s comeback as a unit group. B2M also announced, “SPICA will participate in a new project, ‘SPICA.S.’ The S stands for ‘special,’ meaning that they will show a more special side to every aspect of the members through this new single. Member Boa is preparing to continue this SPICA project with a solo project of her own.”

2014.09.01_SPICA S

SPICA.S, composed of members Joo Hyun, Na Rae, Bo Hyung, and Ji Won, will be making their debut as a unit this coming September 12 through a new single.

What do you guys think of the separation?