Yoon  Jong Shin Praises Teen Top’s Upcoming “It’s Not Easy” in a Teaser Video

Boy group Teen Top has released a teaser video for their upcoming single “It’s Not Easy” featuring producer Yoon Jong Shin.

In the video, Yoon Jong Shin, who appears in Mnet‘s “Entertainers” with Teen Top, praises the song, saying that it will do well. He is seen repeatedly saying “it’s good” in the video, while listening to the single.

Although Yoon Jong Shin asks the boy group whether the song was written by Brave Sound, it is not revealed in the video if the upcoming single is indeed a Brave Sound song or not.

Yoon Jong Shin also promised Teen Top that he will give them a song in the future.

Teen Top will release their single “It’s Not Easy” on September 15.