Actor Ji Chang Wook Says He Turned Down an Offer to Appear on “Roommate” in Interview for bnt International

Actor Ji Chang Wook recently took part in a pictorial for bnt International. This particular pictorial, which took place in Hong Kong, consisted of four different concepts that showed off the actor’s various charms.

In some of the photos with a modern concept, Ji Chang Wook displays his deep, emotional gaze for the camera. In other photos taken on the streets of Hong Kong, he showcases an opposite charm by transforming into a fashionable ‘bad guy.’

During an interview following the photo shoot, the actor was asked if he had any thoughts of making an appearance on variety shows. Ji Chang Wook answered, “I was actually offered to appear on ‘Roommate’ by Shin Sung Woo and [Park] Min Woo for a ‘friend introduction’ segment. But I just didn’t have the confidence, so I very politely turned down the offer.”

Check out some of the pictorial cuts below!

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