BoA Reveals She Owns an SM Entertainment Company Card Used to Buy Food for Juniors

On the August 29 broadcast of a Chinese variety television program on Jiangsu TV called “Strongest Group,” singer BoA talked about the changes that have occurred since being elected as SM Entertainment’s non-registered director.

When asked about the work that she does as a non-registered director of the company, BoA surprisingly confessed, “There’s not much that I do. However, I received a corporate card to buy food for my juniors.”

The MC then asked Super Junior M’s Zhoumi and f(x)’s Victoria—who were also guests on the show—if BoA has ever bought food for them, to which they both responded that they haven’t yet. After hearing their answer, BoA was asked how she uses the card. She explained, “I have bought [food] for the people that know my phone number and have called me asking to buy them food.”

Meanwhile, SM Entertainment announced on March 21 of this year that they had elected Kangta and BoA as the non-registered directors of the company, and they will be taking part in the creative directing of various contents and participating in new business plans.