Nasty Nasty Teases with a White Version Teaser Video for “Knock”

Star Empire‘s project trio Nasty Nasty has released a teaser video for their upcoming debut single “Knock.”

Called the “white version,” the teaser shows Kyungri of Nine Muses and Kevin of ZE:A as a couple dressed in white, seemingly in love.

However, in the last few seconds of the teaser video, Kyungri’s expression changes drastically, hinting at a possible conflict between the couple.

Previously, Nasty Nasty released a much more seductive teaser video and teaser images featuring all three members of the project group.

The trio is already gaining a lot of buzz for their sexy concept.

Nasty Nasty’s debut single “Knock” will be officially released on September 3.

Check out the white version teaser video below!