New Stills for “My Lovely Girl” Display Rain’s Compatibility with His Canine Acting Partner

Brand new still cuts for the upcoming Wednesday-Thursday SBS drama “My Lovely Girl” display the lead character, singer-actor Rain—who will be making his first small screen comeback in four years—and the great teamwork he has with his canine acting partner named Benji.

In the photos revealed by the drama’s production team, you can see Rain and Benji enjoying a picnic at the park and relaxing under the sun. With the way Rain plays around with Benji while lying on the grass, and Benji laying his paws on Rain’s lap, the two acting partners are receiving interest for their ‘explosive chemistry.’

You can look forward to watching Rain and Benji’s compatibility on “My Lovely Girl,” which is set to begin airing on September 17, after the completion of “It’s Okay, It’s Love.”
rain my lovely girl