BESTie Involved in Car Accident But Thankfully Unharmed, According to Agency

Group BESTie’s management agency, YNB Entertainment, released a statement through OSEN on September 1 regarding BESTie’s traffic accident that occurred the day before. A representative from the agency said, “BESTie was involved in a car accident yesterday [August 31] on their way back from the recording of SBSInkigayo.’”

BESTie has been said to have been transported immediately to the hospital following the accident. They took X-rays and received a thorough medical examination, which revealed that they were thankfully unharmed. The representative continued, “All of the BESTie members were unharmed and they will continue with their schedules as planned.”

Meanwhile, BESTie released a digital repackaged mini album, “I Need You,” this past August 29. Their first mini album, “Hot Baby,” was released this past July 28, and all of the tracks on this album were remastered by Duble Sidekick and Homeboy for the new repackaged release.