Lee Byung Hun Received Blackmail from a Rookie Singer, Perpetrators Caught and Arrested

BH Entertainment, actor Lee Byung Hun‘s agency, revealed that the actor has received blackmail threatening to release his personal information.

On September 1, BH Entertainment released a statement saying, “On August 28 Lee Byung Hun received blackmail threatening to release his personal information if he didn’t pay billions of won. Although ridiculous demands and threats are often sent to celebrities, as his agency we thought this was not right and promptly reported this to the authorities.”

According to Bh Entertainment, after receiving the blackmail, Lee Byung Hun alerted his agency, who reported this to the authorities. The perpetrators were caught and arrested early in the morning on September 1. Although the case is currently under investigation, it was revealed that the perpetrators were two women who were connected through a mutual friend.

A representative of the Gangnam Police Station revealed more facts about the case. The blackmailers are two women, age 21 and 25, who threatened Lee Byung Hun with a smart phone recording of the actor saying obscenities. The women had recorded this scene last month when they were having drinks with the actor at his house. They threatened that they would release the video on the internet if the actor did not pay them 5 billion won (roughly 4.9 million dollars). The younger of the two women was also revealed to a rookie singer who had already debuted.

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