“Dad! Where Are We Going?” Child Star Yoon Hoo Says Suzy Is Not His Type

Yoon Hoo, the adorable food lover of “Dad! Where Are We Going?,” has made an interesting revelation at the “Infinite Dream MBC” concert.

At the special concert held to celebrate the anniversary of the opening of the new MBC building aired on September 1,  Yoon Min Soo‘s son, Yoon Hoo, made an appearance together with other kids Kim Min Gook and Kim Min Yool from “Dad! Where Are We Going?”

As the boys climbed on stage, Yoon Hoo was seen to be nervous in appearing in front of so many people and was very shy beside miss A’s Suzy who hosted the event.

Yoon Min Soo tried to make his son more comfortable on stage and asked, “Yoon Hoo, what’s the problem? (Why are you shy?) Is it because Suzy noona is so pretty? Isn’t Suzy noona your type?” Yoon Hoo let out a soft “No,” and made everyone laugh.

Yoon Hoo, Suzy

Haha, kids these days! :))