Hwang Jung Eum Is Still in Sidus HQ for Now

Actress Hwang Jung Eum is in the middle of signing an exclusive contract with C-JeS Entertainment, and Sidus HQ gave its official stance by stating “We are transferring the management [of Hwang Jung Eum] over [to C-JeS Entertainment].”

Sidus HQ stated on September 1 that “Hwang Jung Eum’s exclusive contract with Sidus HQ is until April 2015, and she is undoubtedly an actress under Sidus HQ. However, under mutual agreement, we are transferring the management duties over to C-JeS Entertainment so that in the future, we will support Hwang Jung Eum together so that she can deliver good acting.”

Prior to this statement, C-JeS Entertainment revealed that Hwang Jung Eum had signed an exclusive contract with them on August 29.

C-JeS Entertainment relayed “Hwang Jung Eum is an actress with an impressive filmography as she improves her acting through each project, and now she is an actress that obtains lead roles. We will actively support Hwang Jung Eum so that she can act in a variety of the projects in the future.”

Currently Hwang Jung Eum is the SBS weekend drama “Endless Love” playing the role of Seo In Ae, displaying her ardent acting.