G.NA Does a Double Take at Her Own Face on “Real Men: Female Soldiers Edition”

On September 1, G.NA shared a photo of herself sitting next to a television screen that displayed a close up of her face. The photo was uploaded onto her Instagram account with the caption, “The person behind me.. is really me. Same person.. different look?”

In the television screen G.NA’s entire face is painted black as she wears military uniform and a soldier’s helmet. G.NA appears to be comfortable reciprocating from her star glamour to an active duty solider – as a current cast member of MBC’s “Real Men: Female Soldiers Edition.” The women’s segment of “Real Men” features selected female celebrities who experience the lives of soldiers. Recently, the cast members endured CBR training in gas chambers, and revealed their weight during their medical evaluation.

“Real Men: Female Soldiers Edition” airs every Sunday.