Lee Hyori and Lee Sang Soon Celebrate Their One-Year Wedding Anniversary

Singer Lee Hyori and guitarist Lee Sang Soon celebrated their wedding anniversary wearing the outfits from their actual wedding ceremony from a year ago. In the pictures Lee Hyori shared on her blog, Lee Hyori wore the white halter neck dress and Lee Sang Soon wore a white tuxedo with the sky blue colored blazer, the same outfits they wore for their wedding.

Lee Hyori wrote on her blog, “Today was our first wedding anniversary. After some housework, we went on a walk to the forest with the dogs as usual.” She added, “We got back home and wore the dress and tuxedo we wore at our wedding last year. We promised to take a picture at this spot every anniversary, wearing the same clothes.”

Lee Hyori shared her feelings on her first wedding anniversary and said, “We would age, get fatter, sicker or feel boring at times, but when we took this picture, I thought about the promise we made last year at this place to do everything together.” She finished her blogpost saying, “Sang Soon, thank you for the past year.”

Check out the photos from their weddinghere.

Lee Hyori