Mother’s Letter Moves After School’s Raina to Tears

After School and Orange Caramel vocalist Raina cried while listening to her mother’s letter.

On the September 1 broadcast of KBS2’s “Crisis Escape Number One,” NS Yoon-G, Raina, and Yoo Min Sang all took a safety quiz. The topic was package delivery services.

MC Kim Jong Kook announced that one of the three celebrities had received a package from his or her mother, and held out an unmarked box. NS Yoon-G said, “My mother often sends me underwear and snacks from the US.” Raina predicted that the box was from her mother in Ulsan, saying, “My mother sends me many packages.”

Shortly thereafter, Raina’s mother appeared on screen through a video message. “It’s sad that you can’t come down to Ulsan for Chuseok this year. My heart hurts because it seems like you aren’t eating well,” she said tearfully. Moved by her mother’s message, Raina also cried.