Which Cube Entertainment Artist Does A Pink’s Naeun Think Is the Best Looking?

This week’s upcoming broadcast of the MBC Every1 reality show “A Pink’s Showtime” will be airing a ‘Telepathy’ special to test the teamwork of the six members of A Pink.

The members will be taking part in a test to see how well they are connected with one another. In the case that all the members provide the same response to a mission given out by the producers, they receive a wish to do anything they want. However, if even one of the members responds differently, they receive nothing.

A Pink’s very first mission of the telepathy test was to choose the most handsome person in the Cube Family (Cube Entertainment + A-Cube Entertainment), and each draw one facial feature to complete a drawing of his face.

Among the members of BEAST and BTOB, as well as solo singers Huh Gak, Rain, and more, the A Pink members had many candidates to choose from. However, Naeun—who was the first to go—ended up choosing none other than BEAST member Dongwoon, and proceeded to draw his v-line face shape on a sketchbook.

To find out who A Pink chose as the ultimate visual of the Cube Family, and to see the finished drawing, make sure to tune in to the September 4 broadcast of “A Pink’s Showtime” at 6 p.m. (KST).