SISTAR Dishes On Their Favorite Artists and Songs on “PLAYLIST”

The four-member group SISTAR gave their fans a peek into their musical lives by revealing their favorite artists and songs on “PLAYLIST,” an online show on YouTube’s 1theK channel.

Uploaded on September 1, SISTAR’s “PLAYLIST” revealed the group musical preference. SISTAR’s playlist includes songs by Michael Jackson, Christina Aguilera, Lauryn Hill, and Drake, among others.

Each SISTAR member revealed their thoughts regarding the songs they like listening to.

SISTAR’s power belter with the husky voice, Hyorin, said that Donell Jones’ “Do U Wanna” helped her find her color and made her realize that she likes R&B music back when she didn’t have much musical background. Hyorin also revealed a very interesting fact about her as a singer: she doesn’t sing along to the songs she listens to. “The songs I listen to are very different from the songs I sing,” Hyorin mentioned.

Bora said that she has enjoyed listening to Lee Hyori’s “Deeper” back when she was still young. SISTAR’s rapper revealed that she was very fascinated with how Lee Hyori dressed and danced. “It was all so powerful and sexy at the same time,” Bora said.

Soyu, who confessed that she used to not listen to American songs, said she began listening to Lauryn Hill’s “His Eye Is on the Sparrow” through the recommendation of Hyorin. “I don’t know, the words just got to me. It was the first time I cried while listening to an American song,” said Soyu. “I cried singing this song too. I was pretty down when I heard this song and cried,” added Hyorin. The two even sampled a few lines of the song in a capella.

Finally, the youngest SISTAR member Dasom revealed that she took after her father who’s a Michael Jackson fan. Dasom said she listened to all of Michael Jackson’s songs and likes “Dangerous.” She also said that she still remembers the hat choreography that Michael Jackson did. “I will never ever stop loving that,” said Dasom. Dasom also mentioned that “Ben” is the first American song she heard. “The way he sang ‘Ben,‘ it brings me back good, warm memories,” added Dasom.

Find out more about the SISTAR members’ favorite songs in the clip below. Don’t forget to turn on the English captions! �de42

What do you think of SISTAR’s musical preference? Anybody who share the same favorite song with the ladies?