Rainbow’s Jaekyung Thanks Lee Jong Hyuk for Giving Her Acting Lessons

Girl group Rainbow‘s Jaekyung has thanked actor Lee Jong Hyuk for an opportunity to learn acting under his guidance.

On September 2, reporters and actors gathered to Sangam MBC for the press conference of MBC’s new drama, “Turning Point.”

During the Q&A session, Jaekyung revealed her thoughts on acting with Lee Jong Hyuk, but made the latter confused by referring to him with a rather unexpected word. Instead of calling the actor her “oppa” (older brother) or “sunbae” (senior), she called him “ahjussi” (an older married man). Hearing this, Lee Jong Hyuk glanced at Jaekyung as if demanding an explanation, and the idol proceeded to back her choice up, saying, “Anyone with two or more kids is an ahjussi,” causing everyone to burst in laughter.

Jaekyung continued, “Ahjussi [Lee Jong Hyuk] really guided me through acting with great attention to detail. I remember him saying ‘I will give you acting lessons,’ which I will remember for the rest of my life.”

While touched by the words, Lee Jong Hyuk could not help but open up about his inner thoughts, and said, “It is hard being called an ahjussi,” evoking laughter with his comment.

“Turning Point” will premiere on September 4 at 11:15PM (KST).