Lee Bo Young Looks Warm and Stylish in Bonnie Alex

Actress Lee Bo Young has released a pictorial for the clothing brand “Bonnie Alex,” with whom she signed a contract as their 2014 fall and winter model.

In the photos, Lee Bo Young flaunts a chic and no-nonsense cold-weather styling of mostly gray, black, and blue knits and coats. Her smooth, contemporary look has caught the public eye.

A representative for the advertising agency said, “Lee Bo Young’s latest dramas–‘God’s Gift–14 Days,’ ‘I Can Hear Your Voice,’ ‘My Daughter Seo Young,’ and so on–have all been very popular. She is an actress that is sure to become a household name and she is worthy to become a regular fixture in advertising. The mood of this photoshoot was ‘French chic.'”

Check out Lee Bo Young’s photos below.

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