Yang Hyun Suk and Epik High Praise B.I for His Outstanding Talent

YG Entertainment‘s CEO Yang Hyun Suk and hip-hop group Epik High have revealed their strong approval of the rapping and songwriting skills of trainee B.I, who is set to debut as a part of YG’s new male group iKON early next year.

On September 2, the press conference of Mnet and YG’s new survival show “Mix & Match” was held at the Conrad Hotel in Seoul.

During the session, Yang Hyun Suk elaborated on his high expectations for the group, saying, “No matter how talented you are, if you fail to receive good songs, it is impossible to shine. Like BIGBANG, I want to make iKON members idols that have the skills to produce their own albums.”

In regards to B.I’s appearance on Mnet’s survival show “Show Me the Money,” the CEO commented, “I can’t help but treat him well. He reminds me of G-Dragon, and he has been blessed with songwriting skills. Everyone in YG thinks that way.”

Later on, Epik High greeted the reporters through a video clip, and Tablo expressed his approval of the young rapper’s talent, saying, “B.I will be featured on Epik High’s album. He has no problem fitting in with the pros. He featured on a track made by DJ Tukutz, so we worked together.”

DJ Tukutz and Mithra Jin added, “You can feel a sense of urgency in B.I, but it is covered by passion. There is something only him can do. Not only is he very gifted, but due to having previous disappointments, he should not be taken lightly,” and revealed their insight on B.I’s determination to succeed.

B.I, Bobby, and Kim Jin Hwan from Team B of MNet’s survival show “WIN” have already been confirmed to join iKON, building up the excitement for the “Mix & Match” premiere on September 11. The program will determine which four additional trainees will make it to the group.