Jung Woo Sung Picks Up Smoking Again For Role in “Madam Bluff”

After being smoke-free for almost six years, actor Jung Woo Sung confessed that he is back to smoking cigarettes since he needed it for his role in the upcoming movie, “Madam Bluff.”

At the production presentation of “Madam Bluff” held today, September 2, Jung Woo Sung revealed his efforts to play the role of Shim Hak Gyu, a character who is conflicted with the forthcoming loss of his eyesight because of a dangerous love.

In the film which is said to be modern day version of the classic novel “Story of Simchung,” the role that Jung Woo Sung plays is a chain smoker. To portray a more realistic character, Jung Woo Sung revealed that he went back to smoking for the sake of his role.

“I stopped smoking altogether after the movie ‘The Good, the Bad, and the Weird.’(In this movie,) I portrayed Shim Hak Gyu who is trying to quit smoking,” said Jung Woo Sung.

“Because I know how it is to smoke, I cared a lot (about how I acted.) My facial expression had to be natural so I acted while thinking about quitting smoking. I thought of many things such as what will happen if a smoker who’s trying to quit gets caught (smoking)?,” added Jung Woo Sung.

“Director Im Pil Sung, who is a chain smoker, has cigarettes with him always so I asked him to give me some. So right now, I am dangerously back to smoking again. The director has to be responsible for this,” said Jung Woo Sung, jokingly putting the blame on their film director. But the actor was quick to note that he isn’t smoking as much as Shim Hak Gyu, the chain-smoking character he plays in the film.

“Jung Woo Sung has changed a lot before and after we finished filming. Before we filmed, he said he doesn’t smoke but now, he smokes a lot for his role,” said Esom, Jung Woo Sung’s co-actor in the film.

“Madam Bluff” premieres on October.