7 Epic Live Super Junior Performances

Without a doubt, Super Junior is one of the most influential artists in K-pop history. One of the areas in which they continually shine is their live performances. Whether it’s for a tv program or at a Super Show, Super Junior has become famous for their dedication in delivering high energy, strong performances.

To celebrate the release of their seventh album, here are seven of the most epic, live Super Junior performances.

Hands down, one of my favorite Super Junior performances ever is “A Man in Love from the opening performance of Super Show 2. This concert was back in the day when things were still fresh and exciting for the members, and it definitely shows as they give it their all during this fierce performance. If for no other reason, this performance is worth watching because of Donghae‘s ponytail, Eunhyuk’s chest popping and Kyuhyun’s sensual hip grind.

Even non-ELF will appreciate this explosive performance of “Bonamana” during Super Show 4 in Japan. Super Junior performed a remix of the song, making it into a rock version. With their typical “let’s give it 100%” attitude, they truly rocked the stage with their edgy sound and fierce attitudes. Without a doubt, this is definitely one of their most epic live performances.

During the 2011 MAMA Awards in Singapore, the group performed a medley of some of their most popular songs. The performance was a hit with both fans and idols who were in attendance, particularly with Girls’ Generation. The finale featured one of the largest performances of “Sorry, Sorry” that Super Junior has ever held onstage.

Super Junior’s 2011 performance at SMTOWN in NY was epic for so many reasons! One of which was the fact that they totally rocked the famous stage of Madison Square Garden- all while filming it for a movie. When Zhou Mi and Henry joined the members onstage for “Don’t Don,” things heated up with this hardcore remix, while Donghae and Sungmin went flying through the air and holding fireworks in their hands. Is that epic enough for you?

When Super Junior performed at the 2013 Golden Disk Awards in Kuala Lumpur, they dressed in a tough, street-style fashion and performed “Bonamana,” “Oppa, Oppa“and a remix of “Mr. Simple” and Sexy, Free & Single.” The performance lasted a solid 15 minutes- not an easy task to accomplish when dancing complicated routines and singing live at the same time. Apart from a blonde, tattooed Yesung though, there is yet another reason why this performance is epic- the Eunhae dance during the finale.

Mr. Simple is one of the most quintessential Super Junior songs ever recorded. To make it even more epic though, Super Junior performed a rearranged version at Super Show 4 in Tokyo while wearing LED light-up outfits. The jackets are currently available on ebay for a whopping $2,500 USD each- which means the total value of jackets seen in this video would be at least $20,000 USD. However, the original set is rumored to have cost over $40,000 USD! This is definitely a Super Junior performance to remember.

There is only one thing that ELF love more than watching Super Junior sing and dance onstage, and that’s watching Super Junior sing and dance onstage without their shirts! When the gorgeous group held their Super Show 5 world tour, they had fun teasing the crowd with their sexy dance moves during “Rockstar.” The crowd went wild for this fun 10 minute performance which included a shirtless Siwon, a shirtless Donghae and a shirtless Eunhyuk. Need I say more? Epic.

Want more? Super Show 6 is coming.

The promotional video released for the tour gives a recap of past Super Shows, while getting fans excited for the large Super Show 6 planned for the 2014-2015 season.

According to the video, Super Junior has flown around the earth to perform in a total of 19 countries and 27 cities! They have held concerts in Seoul, Tokyo, London, Paris, Mexico City, Beijing, Buenos Aires, São Paulo, Santiago and numerous other cities to an astonishing number of  1.35 million fans!

So far, Super Junior has held 97 concerts during their career. With the upcoming Super Show 6 World Tour, they will hit the important 100th concert mark.

Even though cities are just starting to be announced for the tour, fans around the globe are already getting excited about the possibility of seeing their favorite artists in person. Fans in the USA and Canada have long been petitioning for a Super Show to be held in their countries. However, the majority of tour dates have yet to be announced.

As Super Junior approaches their 10th anniversary and the upcoming military enlistment of several members, no doubt this tour will prove to be the biggest and most exciting one yet.


Whether it’s super complicated dance routines, brilliant vocals, water fountains popping up from the stage, members flying through the air, rotating stages, fireworks, light up jackets, giant rolling carts, lasers, water gun fights with the audience, cross dressing sequences or jumping off the stage to kiss the hand of a fan- Super Junior always manages to give exciting, unique (and sometimes outrageous!) performances which both thrill fans and make them laugh out loud. With epic performances like these, we can only wait impatiently for the start of Super Show 6 World Tour to see what this classic K-pop group has in store for their next stage.

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