Lee Dong Wook Admits He Struggles with the Special Suit He has to Wear for “Iron Man”

Actor Lee Dong Wook admitted that the special suit he has to wear during “Iron Man” filming is extremely hard on him, to the point where he has difficulty breathing while wearing it.

At the August 2 press conference held for the upcoming KBS drama, Lee Dong Wook revealed that he had to wear a special suit for the scenes where his character sprouts blades from his body. The suit he has to wear for these scenes is specially designed, and it is so restricting that sometimes he has difficulty breathing.

He added, “I have to wear an armor with swords jutting out, and it takes two hours to put it on. I first put on a vest, and put in 38 individual blades into the vest.”

At the press conference, the drama’s producer Kim Yong Soo also showed great determination for the quality of CG (computer graphics) for his drama. “One thing is certain: we won’t air it if we think the quality isn’t good enough.” He further commented, “We were very concerned for the CG. The biggest concern we had was how we were going to show the blades coming out of his body. The idea that he sprouts blades is at the core of the drama.”

“Iron Man” will start airing on September 10.

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