Lee Gook Joo: “My Family Wouldn’t Believe I Had an Idol Star Boyfriend”

Comedienne Lee Gook Joo has explained that her family was in disbelief when they heard she had dated a male idol star for “660 days.” The funnywoman was speaking on the latest edition of tvN entertainment show “Taxi,” where she explained that the idol singer was a “trainee” at the time when they dated.

The host of the show spoke about an incident whereby Lee Gook Joo’s younger brother appeared on a talk show. During the program, he confessed that he read an article about his sister’s relationship and said he thought it must be a lie. He then explained that after he had read another news story about it, he then asked his sister if it was really true.

Lee Gook Joo said, “It only really became news after I had split up with him [the idol star in question]. I had told my family about it before but they didn’t believe me! Even fellow comedians wouldn’t believe me! They said things like, ‘Are you a compulsive liar? Or are you just going out with someone in your dreams?’”