Nasty Nasty Releases a Sensual MV for “Knock”

After a series of suggestive teasers, Star Empire‘s project trio Nasty Nasty has finally released the music video for their debut single “Knock.”

Consisting of Kyungri from Nine MusesKevin of ZE:A, and newcomer Sojin, Nasty Nasty shows their sensual charm through the provocative music video for “Knock.”

“Knock” is an attractive dance track laced with saxophone and an addicting drum beat. It was written by hit composer Rado, who is also responsible for Sistar‘s “Touch My Body” and Trouble Maker‘s “Now.”

In the music video, the three characters are seen in a love triangle, which is soon revealed to be something quite different in a plot twist at the end of the video.

Check out the music video for “Knock” below!