SBS Drops “My Lovely Girl” Poster Featuring Rain and Krystal, Drama Sold to Chinese Broadcasters for Record Fee

TV network SBS has released a promotional poster image for forthcoming drama “My Lovely Girl.” The picture features the new series’ two lead stars, solo singer Rain and f(x) member Krystal.

The image shows the celebrities sitting together. Krystal is shown wearing headphones, perhaps as a reminder that the series will have a very musical theme.

In further “My Lovely Girl” developments, SBS has announced that Youku Tudou, a Chinese video site, has signed a deal that will see the new drama broadcast in China. SBS claims that the fee paid is a new record amount. The network says that Youku Tudou will be paying US$200,000 per episode, making for a total of over US$3,000,000 for the entire series.

An SBS spokesperson explained, “Several large Chinese broadcasters were involved in the bidding process, and that drove that price up.”

The show, which also stars Infinite members Hoya and L, will begin airing on SBS on September 17.