SPICA’s Unit Group “SPICA.S” Works With Brave Brothers on New Single + Individual Photos Revealed

More details regarding SPICA‘s unit group, SPICA.S, have been revealed.

After announcing that the group will be making a comeback as a unit group and the leader, Boa, as a solo artist, SPICA.S, which is composed of members Joo Hyun, Na Rae, Bo Hyung, and Ji Won, is said to have worked with the hit maker Brave Brothers on their new single which drops on September 12.

Along with this info, the group’s agency, B2M Entertainment, also released some individual teaser photos for the group’s debut through their social networking sites on September 3. Previously, the agency has also released three group photos showing the sexy concept of SPICA.S on September 1.

Aside from the group’s sexy teaser images, fans are also anticipating the group’s upcoming track with Brave Brothers, “남주긴 아까워?” which literally translates to “is it a waste to let you go?”

SPICA.S will be releasing a teaser video on the afternoon of September 5 and their new single will be released on September 12.

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