Secret’s Hana Shows off Her Pretty Charms for BNT International

Secret’s Hana’s new pictorial for BNT International has caught the public eye.

In the recently released photos, Hana displays a charm and beauty that shows how far she has come since her debut. From a black mini-dress to the white wedding gown of a September bride, Hana is able to pull off each concept just as well as a real fashion model could.

During Secret’s non-promotional period, Hana has been keeping busy with studying foreign languages, practicing choreography and simply enjoying her break. Although ever since her debut she has been popular, undoubtedly her girlish beauty in this pictorial will grab the attention of her fans.

Additionally, she announced during a recent press conference that, “During the upcoming promotions of Secret’s new album ‘SECRET SUMMER,’ I want to show my fans not ‘Zinger’ but ‘Jeong Hana.'” Towards this end, she has been making appearances on various variety shows to show off her personal appeal.

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