9 Reasons to Watch “Plus Nine Boys”

TvN is back with an adorable rom-com for the Fall season!Plus Nine Boys is the story of a family of, well, boys – each born ten years apart. This year, they all happen to have “9” in their age and when their extremely superstitious mother (Kim Mi Kyung) decides to check their fortunes, she learns that there is a curse associated with having the number 9 in your age.

So, in a household of FOUR boys with 9 in their ages, that’s a lot of bad luck. Actors Kim Young Kwang, Oh Jung Se, Yook Sungjae, and Choi Ro Won come together to ensure that their misfortune is, hate to say it, extremely amusing for the viewer.

If the summary isn’t enough to hook you, check out our 9 reasons why you should be watching “Plus Nine Boys.”

1. This scene that perfectly sums up the mother/son relationship.


Spoiler: he does.

2. This kid and his complex.


Is he a mini-Heechul? He has idol-byong and he’s only NINE!

3. This girl.


I see nothing wrong with this. Kyung Soo Jin is playing a real girl!

4. This girl again.


With Kim Young Kwang on one arm and Kim Hyun Joon on the other… I just really want to be her, okay!?

5. This guy.


His face it… never changes.

6. A couple of shirtless scenes.


For all you GSC (gratuitous shirtless scene) fans out there – two in the first two episodes!

7. The best (?) broadcast accident.


That’s some bad luck right there.

8. Everyone’s favorite from My Love From The Stars!


No, not Doh Min Joon but Kim Gang Hyun is a close second!

9. Convenience store gourmet hacks!


Those of us on a tight budget hope this is a constant corner – I’ve already learned how to make sausage soup and salmon cookie bites!

“Plus Nine Boys” airs every Friday and Saturday night on TvN. Head to its Official Soompi Thread and catch it on KDrama.com if you’re in the US/Canada!

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