2PM Drops Video Series for Group’s Sixth Anniversary

Boy band 2PM has released a series of celebratory videos called “2PM Rewind” on the occasion of the group’s sixth anniversary.

The videos can be viewed through a special microsite, where fans need to enter an access code (20080904, the date of the boys’ debut) in order to see the videos.


The first video stars members Junho and Chansung.


The second video features Taecyeon and Nichkhun, while the third stars Jun.K and Wooyoung. The final video features the whole group together.


In each video, the members take it in turn to watch footage of previous performances and behind-the-scenes moments as they reflect on some of the highlights of their career so far, including a few very emotional moments.

The boys take it in turns to express their love and appreciation for HOTTEST, the name given to the boys’ fans. The site also contains pictures of each of the members’ handwritten letters (check the images out below) thanking their fans for their support.

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