Impersonators Create Fake Accounts Pretending to be Ladies’ Code’s EunB, Claim “I’m Still Alive”

Fake accounts pretending to be Ladies’ Code member EunB have been appearing online since the tragic car accident that has taken her life and caused severe injuries for her other group members.

In the midst of this grievous time, reports of these impersonators and the appalling messages left on their fake accounts are causing many people to become outraged by this unacceptable behavior.

Recently, on a mobile social network service, an impersonator created an account under the name “EunB” and posted messages that read, “I’m still alive everyone,” “This picture is all a lie (referring to a photo of EunB’s wake),” and “I’m completely fine.”

Meanwhile, the wake for EunB has been set up at the Korea University Anam Hospital until September 5.
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