Ex-Kara Member Kang Ji Young to Star in Supernatural Japanese Drama

Former Kara star Kang Ji Young has been confirmed to star in a Japanese drama called “Hell Teacher Nube,” a story about a ghostbusting schoolteacher, according to Japanese media outlet Oricon Style. The series is adapted from an animated novel series first published in the early 1990s.

Kang Ji Young will play the role of Yukime, a supernatural character known for causing trouble and for her stubborn and possessive character.

Kang Ji Young explained, “I have been very interested in Japanese ghost stories from an early age. I think I have a lot in common with Yukime. Whenever she starts something, she becomes deeply involved with it right away. I will do my best to portray the character well.”

A member of the drama’s production team explained, “Kang Ji Young looks very innocent, but has a mischievous smile. That makes her very attractive, and we think she will do well in the role.” The producers also explained that this would be the first time a Korean actress would star in Japanese drama without the need for interpretation.