Ladies’ Code’s Kwon RiSe Clings to Life after Car Accident, EunB and Sojung’s Mothers Offer Their Support

The true extent of Ladies’ Code member Kwon RiSe’s injuries has been revealed.

On September 4, the dispatcher announced that, “Kwon RiSe is in critical condition. She has stopped breathing three times due to swelling in her brain. The fact that she is still alive now is a miracle.”

After finishing their recording of KBS’s “Open Concert” on the morning of September 2, the members of Ladies Code and their staff set off to return to Seoul. After reaching the city of Yong-in in Gyeonggi Province at 1:30 a.m. on September 3, the car in which they were traveling rammed into the wall on the expressway. Member EunB died due to her injuries and Kwon RiSe sustained severe head trauma. Surgeons operated for more than ten hours at a university in Suwon in order to save her life. The operation was finally terminated due to swelling in her brain and her dangerously low blood pressure. Her status is now being monitored in the ICU.

Member Sojung has successfully undergone surgery for her injuries and she is currently receiving hospital care. The group’s manager and stylist were also involved in the crash but not seriously injured.

Despite their own pain and grieving, the mothers of fellow members EunB and Sojung expressed their support and hope for RiSe’s recovery.

EunB’s mother said through Polaris Entertainment, “Thank you. EunB was a very happy child. She left us after achieving her dream. RiSe will be alright. Don’t worry. I feel that our EunB is watching over her.”

Sojung’s mother also extended her motherly worries towards Rise, “I think Sojung is fine now. I can look after her now, so please take care of RiSe.”

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