Ladies’ Code’s Sojung Still Unaware of EunB’s Passing + Ashley and Zuny to Give Eulogy at Funeral

It has been reported that Ladies’ Code member Sojung has regained consciousness after receiving surgery to treat her injuries following the fatal car accident that tragically took the life of fellow group member EunB on September 3.

On September 4, a representative of Polaris Entertainment shared that Sojung has successfully finished the first round of surgeries for her facial fracture and has gained consciousness again for the moment. Upon regaining her consciousness, Sojung is said to have apologized saying, “’What do I do, I can’t go to our schedules. I’m sorry.’”

The group’s agency has revealed, “Currently, Sojung does not know of EunB’s death or RiSe’s critical condition. The doctors advised us not to say anything for the psychological stability of the patient. Only Ashley and Zuny, who were not seriously injured, know of the entire situation. They are presently in an immense state of shock.”

Also, it is being reported that Ashley and Zuny will be giving eulogies for member EunB at her funeral.

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