[Updated] Nasty Nasty Gets Very Close in Dance Practice for “Knock”

Update: Added twerking dance practice video and “Let’s Dance” with English subtitles.

Star Empire‘s newest sub unit Nasty Nasty has revealed their dance practice for their debut track “Knock.”

Featuring Kyungri from Nine MusesKevin of ZE:A, and newcomer Sojin, the trio shows off their highly sensual choreography that lives up to the group’s name “Nasty Nasty.”

“Knock” is an attractive dance track laced with saxophone and an addicting drum beat. It was written by hit composer Rado, who is also responsible for SISTAR‘s “Touch My Body” and Trouble Maker‘s “Now.”

Check out their first live performance from M!Countdown last night.

Twerking dance practice

Let’s Dance: Nasty Nasty – “Knock”