“We Got Married” Releases Stills of Couple Yura and Hong Jong Hyun Kissing as Punishment

Recently, stills of “We Got Married Season 4” were released. The stills were of Girls’ Day Yura and Hong Jong Hyun, who seem to be getting closer with their skinship day by day.

In the upcoming episode, the second story of the couple’s housewarming party with the rest of the members of Girls’ Day will unfold. Hong Jong Hyun brings a board game that Yura enjoys, and suggests that the group play together. The Girls’ Day members come up with the punishment for losers, which is “to give a kiss to the person next to you.” With this in mind, the members do everything they can in order to get Yura and Hong Jong Hyun to kiss.

2014.09.05_yura & hong jong hyun wgm stills

Eventually, Yura’s punishment to kiss Hong Jong Hyun comes around. Yura claims, “We didn’t decide on the location of the kiss, so I can kiss him anywhere I want, right?” The members of Girls’ Day kept coaxing her on by telling her to kiss him wherever she wanted to.

There is much anticipation to what this scene would look like.

The entire situation can be viewed in the upcoming episode of “We Got Married Season 4,” which will air this coming September 6 on MBC.

Updated on September 7 KST after airing: